Went Hunting this morning

Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:11 am

My son is off work today so before I have to go in to work this evening we decided to go for a morning hunt last night. Up at 5am loaded and ready to go by 5:45am :!: It was a beautiful morning not to cold but not to hot either. Shannon saw a squirrel that was a pest to him (almost took a shot)(bow) but decided to pass. I saw 2 does about 80 yards off, a bit too far for a stick & string. But all in all it was a very nice morning even if we didn't take a deer. Primitive weapons season ends this weekend and modern firearms begins so maybe I'll be able to reach out and touch something in the next few weeks :mrgreen: Got to clean up the 30-30 and the 30.06 and be ready to go!

Happy Hunting

Re: Went Hunting this morning

Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:30 am

I'm dying to go after blackbear this season. I grab my gun, a handfull of hard candy, a $5 cigar, some 5th avenues for the chipmunks, my compass, some toilet paper of course and i'm off to my favorite spot to sit. I just miss being out there sitting. I know were the bigger bruins are too.

Re: Went Hunting this morning

Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:26 pm

Our bow season starts this Saturday Ron and runs until the end of the year. Our gun season comes in for a couple weeks around Thanksgiving. I don't get to excited bow hunting until the 1st of November and they start moving a lot.
Good luck and be sure to post us some pictures. :wink:

Re: Went Hunting this morning

Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:54 pm

I just came in a bit ago from the shop. While out there, the girls (Border Collies, not Rosie and Mel) laid around by the door as usual. Before I knew it they were up and headed for the far side of the barnyard barking and carrying on. Off in the distance I could hear the coyotes having a good time with some unsuspecting critter. It wasn't long before their cries were getting farther away. Then I heard BOOM. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and the yelping stopped. Hopefully, after four shots one of the neighbors had a little happy hunting.

Re: Went Hunting this morning

Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:55 pm

Those pesky critters actually warn the other animals that we are there looking for them. They give away our positions. While sitting on the top upper corner of an apple orchard once we were in the woods for only 5 minutes or so when things quieted down for some reason. Then i heard a russling and branches breaking in the surrounding woods at the bottom of the orchard. My cousin was on the other side and heard it too. As he worked his way over to me the noise kept on comming at us. Now we have a bear that doesn't know were there in the 6' high grass/brush heading right at us. Needless to say this is my very first hunting trip for blackbear and let the hunting lesson begin. Then its within 10 feet of us the way it sounded and a small bird got in the tree over us and sang its heart out to the tune go back, go back there hunters here looking for you with guns, go back. That bear did a 180 turn and headed back down the orchard all the way in the woods/grass just out of site so we couldn't get a shot off. Now have you ever noticed the birds will come to life as we walk into the forest to hunt? As we get out of the car we can hear a pin drop and then as we start to walk in the wild life comes to life to warn every animal about us. Nature protects its own for sure. To me just being there and the exceitment of the hunt and being close is the best part of the hunt, its the most fun being in the woods with something that will eat me if it has its way. Its a rush.

Re: Went Hunting this morning

Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:23 pm

Well I finally got back in the woods a few more times and this Wednesday I connected with a nice doe and put some meat in the freezer :D Going to make some jerky in a week or so. Cooked up some cubed with gravy and biscuits for supper.....mmmmmmmmmm sure was good :!:

Re: Went Hunting this morning

Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:15 pm

Made me hungry.