Angle Snowplow Blade Manually - Part 2 - Modification

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Angle Snowplow Blade Manually - Part 2 - Modification

Postby Winfield Dave » Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:55 pm

After using the 'cable pin puller' during the last snow, I wanted to make a change to the way you pull the cable.
I was just using a handle to pull it, but it had to be thru the steering wheel...rather inconvenient, especially when you are trying to turn the front wheels to make the blade pivot.

So, I changed it to a lever...mounted with the steering column bolt.

First, formed up an aluminum channel:

Drilled some holes:

Found an aluminum bar for the lever arm:

Cut a couple pieces of aluminum tubing for spacers:

Here are the parts before assembly:

Testing the assembly:

Mount the channel to the steering post:

Install lever...adjust cable for proper operation...All done :D

Tried it out and it works great...hardest part was getting the cable adjusted to the right length.
Make sure you set your length for when the blade is down and angled left ( this is when the cable appears to be the 'longest' )
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