Windows Live Mail

Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:35 pm

June 2010 I bought new computer with Windows 7. Liked my old Windows XP much better. Using the Windows Live Mail which is with the W7. I can use some computer functions well, but using is my only talent.
My email now does fine in Preview-- the list of Inbox messages is on the left and a narrow version of one message is on the right. If I take the message full screen, the right edge of the message is off screen and the vertical scrolling is not accessible. Scrolling works fine in Preview. But some of the old geezers in my circle forward messages as attachments and the attachment always is full screen and I cannot scroll to read the full message.
I did not knowingly make any changes to the computer. This problem started about a week ago.
The right edge is not accessible to use the mouse to pull the margin back (click and drag) to the proper place.
Hope I explained the problem.
Anyone have a solution?

Re: Windows Live Mail

Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:37 pm

Lots of ways to get in trouble with a windows desktop. It may take a lot more description of the exact situation to figure it out. Just to see if we hit it lucky with an easy fix try this first:

Select one of the troublesome messages and take it full screen.
Move your mouse pointer up to the very top part of the message (the email subject is probably repeated up there).
Click and hold the left mouse button and try to drag the top of the window down a little, or maybe down and to the left.

Does that get you back to normal? If not, try this:

Start with a message displayed full screen as in the first step above).
See if you can put your mouse pointer on the left edge of your message and get it to turn into a double left/right arrow.
If so, get the double arrow, hold the left mouse button and try to drag the left edge towards the right.
Then grab the top of the message (as in the second step above) and pull the whole message to the left.

Re: Windows Live Mail

Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:58 pm

The second suggestion worked. I am extremely grateful. Great suggestion and worded so I could understand it.