Big increase in ammo/reloading supplies by 4/11

Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:08 pm

Just when you think it was over and starting to get good again. Well we did see some availability return with lower prices for a while. Wideners has said there is a big increase in ammo/reloading supplies comming by 4/11. Great. Now is the time to purchase your hunting/plinking stuff. To see who has the best deals go to; they have most of the ammo suppliers so you can compare prices. I shop at , , , and at too. It pays to surf and browse the net too. The guns that shoot the 22's are looking good more and more. I like to shoot the 22's inbetween the ammo shortages and the price increases. Plus we can spend more time with the little guys plinking at soda cans too.

Plus the grocery store prices will be going much higher besides our gas prices too. Heck whats not going up? Just when my garden was going smaller with the kids gone i'll be making it bigger to feed them again too. The misses will probably can more too. I have to say the pickles even taste better and there really easy to do too. I suggest growing more and if you live in an apartment get the 5 gallon buckets and plant on your deck. Either way we can have success at saving $$ and eating fresher home grown stuff. Having a garden in my family goes way back in the generations all the way back to italy. My grandfather made home made wine too with my dad but it was never passed on to me. We may get into that too sooner or later. I say to learn all we can from the old timers too. We never know when we made need it. Eat good, stay healthy and godbless; BigBill

BTW; Easter is just a few weeks away and i can't wait for the home made fresh macoroni, it just makes every holiday special. The italian "a beats a gain" thats the bread stuffed with the meat, cheese, egg and farmers cheese in it. We put in pepperoni, salami, provolone, italian ham, cabagool, eggs and farmers cheese. And don't leave out the black pepper in the dough. Sorry for the poor spelling but it tastes so much better than the words/sounds. It makes every easter awesome. This is truely old school and a forgotten art. It cost me over $100 just for the meat.
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Re: Big increase in ammo/reloading supplies by 4/11

Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:45 pm

I couldn't agree more Big Bill.

Re: Big increase in ammo/reloading supplies by 4/11

Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:30 am

Some of the priv-partizan ammo jumped from $12 a box to $18 a box for 20rds already.(6,5mm swedish mauser ammo)

I been buying brass and bullets already so i can reload. Bill