Serial Number question

Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:32 am

I have been aquiring several Cadets over the last year or so. All the ones I have are narrow frame, and I have a couple of duplicates. I have 2-122's, and am hoping to get another 124. Here is my problem/question. I have kinda decided I would like to have one of each of the narrow frame gear drive cadets, so can I take the extra 122 I have, find a 10 hose put it in it and make a 102? Were the serial numbers on the rear ends specific to the model, or just the time frame they were made?

Also, I went to a guy who had a BUNCH of old cadets sitting behind his lawn mower shop. He had a 70, 71, and a 72. To my surprise the 71 was a gear drive. Are there any other odd numbered gear drive narrow frames I am going to have to find? 73?

Re: Serial Number question

Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:13 am

You will find a 73. The 7 HP don't go by the odd hydro & even gear.
The gear Hydro got cut off

Re: Serial Number question

Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:18 pm

You can make a 102 out of your extra 122, the serial number range for the series was shared by all the models in the series, and were not model specific, and the same holds true for all the IH built series. However, beginning with the "5th series" of tractors (73, 106, 126, 107, 127, 147) the data plate that has the serial number on it also has the Kind Code and Machine Code on it which identifies the model. The code wil be something like 205xxxxUxxxxxx, where 205= Cub Cadet, xxxx= a 4 digit number that specifies the model, U= Made in the USA, xxxxxx= the actual serial number.

Re: Serial Number question

Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:26 am

Hey Chad,

As, I've been bit by the "Cadet Bug" as well, I really like the look of round fenders and pan seats, and thought it would be fun to put together a collection consiting of the 7hp models, since they are the only ones that kept the round fenders and pan seats through the narrow frame series.

I currently have (3) Originals ('61, '62 & '63), 70 and 73. I'd like to eventually find a good 71 & 72 to fill in the middle. If you decide to pass on the 71 and/or the 72 that you've spotted, let me know if you would.