Cub 154 clutch and gas line.

Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:44 pm

I posted this on another Cub 154, 185, 184 site so I apologize if folks have seen this before, but I don't know that the sites completely overlap.

I have more than one question for my Cub 154 (1969 year made)

1. When I mow with it sometimes the clutch does not seem to disengage. Sometimes the tractor will keep going when push in the clutch and sometimes I can put the tractor in gear. I assume I need to adjust the clutch, but the odd thing it is not consistent. Any tips.

2. The gas will shut clear off and I get a slow leak via the carb. I took the carb apart and cleaned it and the needle valve on the float. I tighted the bolt on the shut off valve on the sediment bulb. Still, evidentially the shut off under the gas tank does not shut off the gas completely; and maybe the needle valve needs to be replaced. Any suggests,. . . including places to get a new gas shut off and places to avoid!

Thanks in advance :lost:


Re: Cub 154 clutch and gas line.

Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:48 am

Sounds like #1 is an adjustment required. I would start with the clutch pedal adjustment, but you may need to adjust or replace something deeper in the system if that doesn't do the trick. Often having to adjust means something is well-worn.

#2 You are looking in the right places (needle valve & it's seat). This may also be a warped carb. There are some great how-to's in the farmall cub portion of the forum for checking out this issue and some workarounds that help deal with the condition.

As for the shutoff valve, some others have cleaned theirs with some success, others have replaced or eliminated the component. Being that I need the water separator where I live, I wouldn't eliminate it.

Re: Cub 154 clutch and gas line.

Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:34 pm

Do not forget to check if the clutch linkage has excessive play.