Where, Oh Where Has My little Dog Gone?

Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:27 am

I went out to the shop to get a few things before Rosie and I leave on a short weekend trip. As I walked past my enclosed trailer parked in front of the shop I heard the metal sides flexing. Thinking one of the dogs was rubbing against the other side, I went there to look. Nothing was there, but the sound continued. I opened the door and out walked Bandit. She had spent the night locked inside.

I worked in the trailer last night until about 11:00 pm and for most of the evening Bandit had laid toward the front in her “protect my master” mode as she or one of the others do when I am alone in the shop at night. When I closed the trailer as I went in for the night I looked inside and I never saw her so I figured she had headed for the house since Dozer was now with me also. I headed for the house and called it a night (At that time of night it was too dark to call it a day) and never gave her a second thought. It is never unusual for one of the dogs to not show up at feeding time because they are constantly hanging out somewhere.

The only thing I can think is, since one of the bottom cabinet doors was open, she went inside the cabinet and walked just out of sight. Our dogs have a habit of laying down somewhere in one the lofts or stalls and we never think anything of it and normally don’t go looking for them over a short period. Had I not walked pass the trailer today we may well have left and not found her until we came home Saturday.

Here is Bandit proudly showing how she attempted to claw here way to freedom through the trailer's side door. She never did damage to the inside of the trailer other than at the door. She knew that was the way in and out so she kept try at that spot only.

Re: Where, Oh Where Has My little Dog Gone?

Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:18 pm

Bill...thankfully you found her before leaving for the weekend or you may have had a 'doggie door' in your side door when you returned. :(