She's Alive and running great after sitting 2 + years

Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:06 pm

I finally thru the jumper cables on my 55 jeep 4x4 tractor. After cleaning the points and some starting fluid she deceided to come back to life. She runs like i never parked it. The battery is being charged by the genny the 4 way plow works. Now i need to install a new master cylinder and maybe some new tire chains and she is ready to take a bite out of the snow which is comming soon. I named her Christine after the movie this jeep is like the car in the movie she just won't die. The little 4 cylinder 134f head just won't quit. Since the 154 plowed snow all last winter i figured it will be back up this year and let the jeep earn its keep now. I can't wait to test it in heavy snow its comming.

Well ok;

New choke cable
fixed the return springs on the plow levers
new master cylinder
change all the oils Bill

I went looking for a snowblower 20 years ago and i came home with this jeep frame running with a seat and a 4 way plow for $400. The two loc-rites i got for christmas that year and a new clutch and battery ever since thats my total investment. We can't beat or match these older cj jeeps.

BTW; I may have another jeep like this comming soon to the herd too. With two loc-rites installed in both diff's these are unstoppable and they have a true 4x4 drive.

I almost forgot I put seafoam in the gas tank two years ago. The carb is still clean.