1949 M

Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:00 pm

About six years ago I found a '49 Cub for my son Kris and it was met with a mediocre response. So for the past 5 years he would occasionally look at the Cub but that was it. Well, about a year ago he decided that old tractors were about the coolest thing on the planet and his Cub was at the top of the list. Next thing I know he's washing it, tinkering on it and driving all over the neighborhood with a big grin on his face. About six months ago he mentioned that a bigger tractor would be helpful with making hay and began searching for something suitable.

Last Saturday we found a '49 M that has spent the last 32 years "resting" in a barn just 8 miles from the house. Two of the tires were flat & horribly dry-rotted, the starter was gone, and the motor was stuck. On the upside it has a belly hydraulic pump and there is very little play in the steering. After much discussion with my wife and all of my tractor friends, we made an offer and became the proud new owners of an M. The farmer we got it from was kind enough to tow it out of the barn for us so we could "tinker" before the ride home. On a whim Kris aired up the flat tires and they actually held air! He then greased anything that resembled a zerk fitting. We also pulled the spark plugs and split a quart of MMO between the four cylinders. Before we loaded it up I tried rocking the tractor in fifth gear and noticed the flywheel was actually starting to move! After we got it home I called another friend of mine and told him about our find. He laughed and said "I know that tractor...I have the starter for it. Do you want it back?" Needless to say we were psyched to get it back. Now our plan is to free up the motor, hone the cylinders and put in some fresh rings. Then a carb rebuild, change all the fluids, a fresh tune-up and then find some nice used rear tires.

The M seems to be happy at her new home, Kris is beyond excited and I'm happy to spend time working with him. His high school just started an FFA chapter and he's already scheming how to get his tractor to school.

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Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:22 pm

Sounds like a great find for you and Kris both! Congrats! I have a thing for M's too...I think its about the most handsome thing that ever rolled on wheels. I wanted one ever since high school, had to wait till I was 40 to get one though. The only thing better than the M is the time you get to spend with your son...priceless indeed!

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Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:21 pm

I just got a SM a while back, now have it unstuck and running,---dont know what to do with it!!! need to trade for a newer smaller tractor I guess! LOL! thanks; sonny

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Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:30 pm

I spent many hours on an M as a kid. They will always be one of my favorite tractors.

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Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:31 pm

Dusti Snider wrote:... The only thing better than the M is the time you get to spend with your son...priceless indeed!


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Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:28 pm

VinceD wrote:
Dusti Snider wrote:... The only thing better than the M is the time you get to spend with your son...priceless indeed!


Yeah...I gotta admit that there is nothing better than swinging wrenches on old tractors with your 15-year old son. I see too many fathers and sons that don't even speak never mind work together...I am a lucky man!

Our first hands-on exposure to Farmall tractors was driving my buddy's Farmall 350 while raking and teddering hay...the M is about the same size. This year Kris has been "promoted" to driving the Farmall 350 during hay season so the M will be familiar to him.

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Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:20 am

I know all to well about the Cub to M transition, We found a similar find , 3 yrs ago. My eldest son laid claim to our 1940 M , It is his parade ride from here on out . I am sure you are proud that your son has taken an active interest in it , it will be great memories for Him and you for yrs to come.
My son spent 2 plus hrs pulling vehicles out of mud at our local tractor show, would have done it all day , but he had to work , the Power of that machine in unbelievable.

Keep picture coming.

Our M at the 2011 Apple festival in Oak Harbor,Ohio


yes Ketcham , we did get the tires clean again.