184 nube with questions

Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:51 pm


Howdy, This looks like a great site!
I'm thinking about buying a '79 or '80 184 Lo Boy to cut my hilly 4+ acres and retiring my smaller Ford LGT145.
Before I make the move, I am on a hunt for info. I have driven one, but still have some unanswered questions. Thanks in advance!!

How are the gear ratios for mowing hills? Apparently one with a gear splitter(?) would allow for more choices. After using the Ford hydrostatic, I'm not sure what gear and engine rpm is best for steady mowing. Or is this a seat of the pants, learn as you go process?

What's the weak link in this model? Clutch? HP and torque? PTO design? How does it perform with 3 pt attachments? How about with a FEL? Any way to judge hours with no meter?

I can do any repairs, but need to know what to look for (or run away from) in one of these.
One I drove has slack in the steering lever (idler arm) pivot; worn upper column bushing; LOTS of trans (?) noise in 1st gear, not so bad in 2nd; and an annoying puff of exhaust smoke going from low to high rpms (valve guides?)

What to look for in the Woods mower? This one has tight spindle and pulley bearings, good sheet metal and wheels, and cuts pretty quietly.

And lastly, am I better off to buy one that already has a 3 pt and a FEL, and add the mower,
or get the one with the mower and hope to find the 3 pt and FEL someday ($$$). The difference in the two tractors is about $1K, initially.

Give it to me: the good bad and ugly! I need some larnin' :mrgreen:

Re: 184 nube with questions

Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:11 pm

Welcome to the Forum!!

If I had the option between two tractors, one with a mower and one with a loader and 3point, I'd get the loader/3point and then get a mower later. ESP since you already have a mower now, but want to upgrade. Mower is much easier to find and cheaper than the other two options.

The 184 is a good machine. Most all the 'bugs' had been worked out from the 154/185 models. Problem areas are the electric PTO, ensure that it works well and doesn't slip. It's expensive to replace. The gear noise is somewhat normal. The gears are straight cut and by nature are not quiet. As long there is no 'ticking/clicking' noise and not excessively loud, I wouldn't worry too much. the front fiberglass shell/grille and dash are expensive to replace if they are busted up.

Usually mow in 1st or 2nd gear, depending on on grass height and hills. 3rd would be a 'finish' pass only. The creeper gear would normally be used for extra slow movement, like for running a tiller.

No power steering so using a heavily loader FEL may cause a hard to steer situation. The 3-point lift is good for grading driveways or pulling a yard rake.

Just take a general test drive, check the fluids (oil, coolant, look for leaks...). Ease of starting and if the charging system works.

Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:34 am

Thanks for the response. It's one heck of a mower, and quite a step up from the Ford.

Any one else care to advise me?

Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:51 am

I think Raymond pretty well covered it. The electric clutch is about the only negative thing I hear about the 184. I have a 184 in the back of the barn under some other stuff that hopefully I will get to some day. Some of the very early 184's still had the starter generator (mine does) but probably the best advantage of the 184 was adding the starter and ring gear and moving the clutch back where it belongs. Of all the number series cubs this would be my choice.

Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:59 pm

You asked about 3-point attachments. If the attachment requires the PTO, then it will have to be specifically designed for this tractor. The PTO turns backward and faster than a standard 540 PTO. International designed a few implements for it, but not many. There was a Hub City gearbox to reverse and slow down the PTO, but they are pricey.

The 3-Point can lift about 500 - 800 lbs before the front end lifts into the air.

Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:52 pm

Reading the Owner's Manual might be useful. Although I do not have a real IH manual on the server, I do have a reproduction - Cub-184 Lo-Boy Owner's Manual (Jen Sales).

The others have given you good advice and I think Raymond has covered pretty much the high points on the Numbered Series 184.

Hope you are happy with the 184 that you are looking at. From what I understand they are a pretty neat estate type tractor and far more useful that the newer all-round Lawn type mowers.

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Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:47 pm

Thanks, folks!

I really appreciate all the responses.

Now for the really big question:

Would a price range on the one with only the mower be $2000-2500, for average condition, running, stopping, starts instantly, no noticeable leaks, etc? Or is that a little high?

And the one with the FEL and 3 pt., new paint, same mechanical conditon; $3000-3500?

Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:05 pm

The prices are not too far off for a 184. But they are a bit high in my opinion. I believe you have a little bargaining room.

Re: 184 nube with questions

Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:10 pm

Bigdog wrote:The prices are not too far off for a 184. But they are a bit high in my opinion. I believe you have a little bargaining room.

I agree.