Case 685 Hydro problem

Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:13 pm

Noticed the other day that when I was last finished with my 10ft transport disc I did not set tires down on it. Figured no big deal, I'll just back tractor up to it, hook it up and put tires down to keep disc outta wet mud/snow. Hooked it up and hit the lever to lower wheels and heard a VERY loud pop! :censored: . Now tractor has no hydraulics. Wonder if I busted coupler or if pump blew up on it?? I have GOT to have this tractor up and running before hay season hits again. This thing is a work horse on the farm and it's actually my favorite tractor. I have a feeling after looking at it further this may have to be taken to a shop somewhere. Looks difficult just to get into the pump. Any one have any ideas?? Thanks!