IMPORTANT note for our sellers and buyers

Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:12 pm

FarmallCub.Com is blessed with the paying support of several outstanding suppliers of Cub parts and equipment. These companies are an important component of what keeps this web site running on a daily basis. Their support is paramount to maintaining this site free for the Cub Community.

It is a great disservice to those paying supporters of this community to allow individual sellers to advertise or troll their items in any forum, other than the "For Sale" section of this web site -- it's FREE to advertise your items there -- so continue to use it.

IMPORTANT: If we (mods and admin) find that any member is taking advantage of this free resource at the expense of our paying supporters, I personally will take immediate action to remove them from this site. Use of this web site is not a right, it is provided as a free service -- abuse it and lose it.

The Moderators and admin will remove posts without warning if we suspect the items are destined for the for sale forum, eBay or any other online resource -- we have a lot of good eyes that keep this site running smoothly. If you disagree with any action on their part, you are always free to air your grievances with me personally.