The Tradition Inn-Farmington, MO

Thu May 31, 2012 11:15 am

Hotel/Motel/Camping Business Name: Summer Bay's Tradition Inn
Complete Address: 1625 West Columbia Street, Farmington, MO. 63640
Web Site Address:
Value for the dollar (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor):Good
Recommended (Yes/No): Yes

If near a CubFest/Cubarama/Tractor Show State Event Name: JP's Midwest Cub-Arama

DATE(s) of your Visit: Every year since 2005

Description of my experience with the business / attraction:
Rooms are always clean and ready for guests, never a problem with reservations, easy access to and from highway, plenty of room to park pick-ups with trailers behind them, short, scenic drive to Fredericktown (approx 18 miles), and a great place to stay and have coffee/breakfast with fellow cubbers. 2012 will mark the 8th year we have stayed here and we will continue to do so with the present level of service we get from these folks.