504 blow by

Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:43 pm

I'm looking at a farmall 504D which is in really good shape,runs well but it has bad blow-by. The owner has told me that it is going to need a set of ring, and maybe bearings. Anyone have any thoughts of what else might be causing the blow-by?

Re: 504 blow by

Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:34 am

it sounds like it will need a motor overhaul. for purposes of buying it, assume it needs a sleeve and piston kit / valve work, bearings / crank turned / injectors cleaned / etc. easily $1,200 - $1,500 in parts. double that to include engine labor. assuming you remove the engine and take it to the shop. and then there's the clutch and TOB - when you get that deep in a tractor it's generally a bad move to not replace them. I'm also assuming the D188 engine in that tractor is a sleeved motor as i've not checked the book.

also, does the TA function correctly?

Re: 504 blow by

Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:07 pm

2010 Valu-bilt catalog list the short block for the 504D at $3556.90 and a good core. Head lists for $781.81. Crank lists for $564.25.

Any way, sellers asking price for the tractor plus another $2000- in parts or $3000 to $4000- in in parts and labor.