Case VAC

Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:09 pm

I now have everything lined up and approved at school to bring this old girl in. I have been arguing with our part time Ag teacher about it all, he has been just a thorn in my side about it lately. He likes to be that way. Anyway, when the administration asked me about doing the project, of course I was all over it. There are so many things a kid can learn from being apart of a project like this.

I went a looked at the tractor tonight, it is a little rough, but not bad. It will take quite a bit of work but I am up to it and figure the more the better for the kids sake.

I know absolutly nothing about these tractors and I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions over the next several months. I think we may be able to get it done by May?? In time for the summer show season to sell raffle tickets.

The first thing I need to get it rolling will be an engine kit and good tires. 10-28 tire size. I have put the word out around town so hope some pop up cheap or even free would be great as my budget is about $1000 total for now.

I am really excited to get this going, and I know I have quite a few kids that are too.

Have a good one :)

Re: Case VAC

Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:01 pm

Jason, I wish I'd been exposed to a project like that in high school. If you need manuals, I think Binder Books carries Case. Steiner and YTMAG may also have them.