Rebuilt 154 motor. What's next?

Sun Aug 14, 2005 7:59 am

Hello wise cub owners. I have a 1972 154 low boy that I'm pulling the motor for a rebuild. (thats a whole other story why)

I wondering, while I've got it out what other parts I should think about replacing? I've been told things like the pilot bearing, clutch ect..

Times a wasting and snow will be here soon. Words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. :lol:


Sun Aug 14, 2005 11:18 am

0As long as you are doing a rebuild The seals on the motor will be changed.
The seals on the tranny ad finals as well as the hydro could be looked at and all the fluids replaced. The rad hoses could be done as well. As long as the motor is off agood radiator flush would not hurt. With a motor rebuild I would expect that you will have the dist checked for excessive wear as well as change the points and condenser. Was the charging system working? If not repair or replace the regulator and or generator. At least check the Generator for worn bearings and brushes. Bearings and brushes in the starter should be at least checked. If either armature needs to be turned down or rec cut now is the time to do it.


Sun Aug 14, 2005 12:19 pm

Just a thought... maybe you could swap your engine for one from a tractor someone unwisely added a loader to. The place where they break wouldn't matter much to a 154, since it has a frame, and there is very little strain on the weak spot. I know many have replaced otherwise good engines because of the crack that is ALWAYS weaker after a repair.

I have a 154 here that was the engine donor tractor for Rambo and I'm considering offering it along with a rebuildable repaired engine... it would make someone a good project at a good price.

Before the engine was removed:


The repaired block came from the world famous "Scruffy". :-)