Pneumatic "Lift-All"

Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:39 pm

Here's my 1945 A the way I acquired it:


The lift was not working because the old exhaust manifold had holes in it. I took the lift off the tractor and have it stored in my barn. It is complete and the piston moves up and down freely when I apply a little air pressure from the compressor so I feel sure I could clean it up with a little routine maintanence, put it back on the tractor and have it operational with the new manifold I have since installed. But I have also, since this picture, reunited the tractor with it's origninal 46" IH Danco mower deck and put a manual lever lift on which makes a lot more practical sense, in my way of thinking, than the clunky cumbersome exhaust powered pneumatic lift...

...Except for the coolness factor of having a 1945 Farmall A with a Pneumatic "Lift-All" that is. Should I re-install the "Lift-All" one of these days just for historical purposes or is there enough interest in these lift units out there to warrent offering the lift for sale to someone wanting it for their tractor?

Re: Pneumatic "Lift-All"

Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:48 pm

I'd be inclined to keep it on there. You just don't see that many of 'em, at least around here, that are still intact, much less working. Nice looking tractor!