Stonethrow VII Saturday

Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:13 am

Well, its a bit early Saturday morning as you can tell from my posting time. Couldn't sleep, too much running through my head with all that will be happening tomorrow. It has been Great so far the weather is super and lots and lots of projects have passed through the shop so far and I know more will this afternoon. Food must have been pretty good since there isn't any leftovers to mention :D Kida are having a blast too. Got to go, need to get a little more shut-eye before heading out to the parade at 8:30 am. Then back to the shop for me :!: And for those intrested in Corky's auction this afternoon (the ice-cream should be ready by then also) my IT guy showed up late yesterday afternoon and I should have him on getting the wirless squared away after lunch today just in time for the auction :{_}: This should be interesting, Yogi I feel for you buddy and good luck :mrgreen: