Fall Safety Checklist

Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:14 pm

Its that time of the year again to make sure were safe for the winter. :mrgreen:

1. Make sure your smoke and Co detectors are working and have new batteries in them. Make sure you have enough of them around the house.

2. Clean you clothes dryer pipe/vent. Disassemble it and i vacumne it out or replace it. Make sure all the clamps are tight so it can't leak.

3. Its almost woodstove burning time again. Time to clean the woodstove chimney.... :{_}:

Take a flashlite and shine it on the inside of the mating end of the pipes were they go together. Then look on the outside or have someone watch the outside for the light to shine. You may have leaks where the pipe split joints are were the go together. Using a light will show leaks you can't see with the naked eye. A little furnance cement or pipe replacement maybe neccessary. When furnance cement is used i use a putty knife and push the furnance cement into the joint and then put a coat of furnance cement across the two mating parts so its sealed double. Don't forget to recheck it.

If your woodstove is in the basement make sure all the flammables are away from the stove. Things do get moved around during the summer.

4. Have you negelcted your oil burner furnance and chimney too?

Have you had the oil burner tuned and cleaned lately?
Have you cleaned the clean-out recently?

Have a safe burning / heating season. We can never be too safe. Enjoy the comming holidays too. Bigbill