What's are they worth and how hard are they to get rid of.

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Re: What's are they worth and how hard are they to get rid o

Postby Boss Hog » Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:18 am

All others pay cash
Boss Hog
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v w
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Re: What's are they worth and how hard are they to get rid o

Postby v w » Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:44 am

My 2c's. Cub forum is a good start for price. I also prefer craigslist but there isn't enough listings to get a decent feedback. SearchTempest.com can be set to search Craigslist for any given distance. Pics are very important to me and I will often set for ads with pics only. I will pay more if I can pick up rather than ship. An L38 worth $350 - $450! My brother-in-laws is in the corner of my barn and he hasn't seen it in years. Think he would miss it? Fast hitch but has adapter bolted on (no welds) which I bolt to the drawbar and let it float and yes easy on the clutch when starting if the disc is up. Doesn't steer well either when using. I bought a small tow behind (King Cutter) in excellent shape in August for $100. Used it for what I needed and sold it for $100 three weeks later. Low price and it moved quickly, first looker in both cases. Vern

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Re: What's are they worth and how hard are they to get rid o

Postby Buzzard Wing » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:43 pm

He meant Larry, Boss.... I didn't realize Johnny was the guy I gave the carriage bolts to at Cecil's until my post about the lift rod (moved to 'wanted' ??).

And yes, location is everything.

BTW one of the few things I have sold was a really nice L38 for a Lo Boy.... got north of $500 for it, I did deliver it after I had the water pump fixed on the truck :roll: Luckily it went in the driveway and not on in NYC on 95 dragging the stuff back from NJ. I think he got a fair price on it. Try to find one, the price of one in Iowa don't count for nuttin if you add in the time and fuel (and water pump).

Like the price of something that sold at an auction, it surely wouldn't be the price you would have gotten it for, that was somebody else got it for.
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