MVYRadio... give a listen, could me your last chance!

Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:52 pm

I am pretty spoiled here in the big city, there is a great, truly independent radio station on Martha's Vineyard (a rock in the ocean, not far from mine). There really are some special people running the place and the owner (Joe Gallagher, also from the big city) can be seen stringing wires and setting up the internet service at Fort Adams for the Newport Folk Festival (the stream it live). For a few years they were very busy going to some incredible music events, saving the audio, doing interviews and they really captured some great music. When the licensing fees for music took a huge leap a few years ago they converted the online stuff to a non-profit. So completely FREE to stream over the internet. You can even set up your own jukebox with their stuff.

This week they announced they sold off the FM signal and will try to remain online as a non-profit. I invite (or urge) you to go to their site and listen to the radio station stream and to listen around the archives (button near the top center of the page). If you are not impressed (overwhelmed) with what is there I will surely be surprised.

They are looking for the first year funding to keep it running, so you will need to click through a bit to get to their main website.
Also on iTunes and possibly some other places too.

In a world where the little guy has nearly no chance to be heard or get a brake, they will play them. It would truly be a shame to loose it!