Lighting cautions

Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:22 am

Incandescent lamps will "digest" any power fed to them as long as the rated voltage is not exceeded. AC, DC, varying Hz-- no matter. LEDs and fluorescents use some electronics to make changes to the incoming power, the LED unit is called a "driver" and the fluorescent is called a "ballast". The power fed to those units usually must be the 120 volt 60Hz for the USA, and presumably for much of Canada. Lighting units marked "not dimmable" require the 120 volt, 60 Hz.
Electronic timers, dimmers, remote control units and many of the day/night sensors have an output that is not the 60Hz and can potentially damage the non-incandescent lighting units.
Units that are marked as suitable for dimmers may list the acceptable dimmers.