Tis The Season

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:42 pm

Tis the season to celebrate the birth of our Lord. It is also the season to share that glorious event with family and friends and to give thanks for all the blessings that we have. Some years it is easier than others. For a number of years now we have been sharing the custom of sending Christmas Cards to our friends on FarmallCub.com and believe me it is something we look forward to every year. The very personal exchange of Christmas greetings means a lot to both Emilie and I.

Unfortunately this year, life has become so complicated with our latest round of family health issues and all that goes with them that we simply just could not cram anything else aside from the basic necessities this year. Something had to give and sadly it was the mailing of our annual Christmas Cards. The time was simply not there. It was after dark tonight that we got a basic ramp added to the front door so that we could bring Samantha home tomorrow - her first visit home since last January. Mandy and Abbigail are here as well so the only ones missing are Duane and Sabrina who will be home in a few days.

So, to all of our friends whom we share this tradition and to all of our friends on FarmallCub.com, Em and I would simply like to wish each and every one of you and your families the Merriest Christmas filled with Joy, Love, Peace and each other. May all your wishes and hopes for the season be granted and may each of you be blessed with good health.


Rudi, Em and all of the family


Re: Tis The Season

Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:26 am

Rudi, thanks for the warm Christmas greeting. I hope this New Year will find your family in better health and that the obstacles you've faced as a family will be behind you. You and your family continue to be in my prayers. Merry Christmas my friend.


Re: Tis The Season

Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:51 am

Rudi, a Very Merry Christmas to you and the family from the Edenfield clan. :{_}:

Re: Tis The Season

Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:18 am

Merry Christmas, Rudi and hoping for a better year, ahead! Ed