Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:58 am

Ever watch the guys on TV who barter?? They sometimes use the local craigs list.

My point is i was looking to purchase a new Milwauki mag-base drill for $1,200.est price. I found a Rockwell BUX mag base drill in the barter on craigs list.

A few years back i picked up a second husqvarna 575XP chainsaw from a local pawn shop. It was priced very low. I have a brand new one but to have another as backup at a silly low price i had to have it. It has tons of compression and runs great. Now having two and i'm not really cutting wood the way i once did i put it up for bater and contacted the guy with the rockwell mag base drill with 1/2" chuck/key. We did a trade this morning and now i have the perfect way to drill holes in the steel so i can bolt my rear subframe for my backhoe on my int154. It will be so much easier than using a tripple gear reduction 1/2" drill. I can even use Silver & demming drills with 1/2" shanks to step drill to the larger diameters. I think i need only 1" holes for my cylinder pins. And i need to ream the bronze bushings in the digger arm and boom arm/bucket. I'm good to go now as the weather warms up.

So ever barter??? I'm hooked as long as its something i need to use.... maybe barter tractors??

Re: Bartering

Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:57 pm

Constantly Bill.

I bought a running farmall C in a package deal for $600, traded it for a Polaris Scrambler 400cc 4x4 4 wheeler, 2 stroke, racing piston and tuned exhaust. Traded that for a Yamaha 4 stroke gas golf cart.

Traded a rusty junk cub for a welder on a small trailer. Onan 2 cylinder motor. Motor ran but I never tried the welder part. Traded that for this original mobility power chair, called a cycle chair. It is the cats meow :big afro:
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Re: Bartering

Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:22 pm

Good trading/bartering.

I think i'm going to trade/barter some steel i have inhouse for fcub and int154 rear rims for my jeep tractor. I'm thinking of making it higher off the ground with duallies front and rear using 8,3x24 ag tires. The more i can barter the more $$ i can save to possibly buy a farmall super A in the future.

Re: Bartering

Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:48 pm

The great northeast is a long ways away. I have several sets of rear rims, most with tires.