Motor serial number on a B

Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:50 pm

Motor serial number ends with a "K".Could this mean or stand for kerosene.The hood has an empty hole or should I say a 4th hole, that has me thinking that maybe at one time it started with gasoline then switched to kerosene. the serial number is M 219336K FAB the cast date is 9-5-Q. I'm just getting started with this tractor,it has been sitting for years.The brakes were stuck,the transmission had one of the fingers out of place,so it was stuck in gear,the clutch was stuck.Now after five days and PB Blaster ,bumping it everytime I walked into the shop it finally loosened and is turning free.Next is gas tank and carb.I need to mention this is a wide front end that they didn't make. Thanks for any input.

Re: Motor serial number on a B

Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:09 pm

According to my Guy Fay tractor data book, K stood for cast iron pistons. A or B was for distillate or kerosene respectively. in addition to the hole you mentioned, look for a petcock to drain the carb, a heat shield, or remains of it, over the manifold, and /or a squared, boxy looking manifold.

Re: Motor serial number on a B

Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:06 pm

John, You nailed it! The manifold is square with 6744DD cast on it and the carburetor does have the petcock drain. I looked in the TC-26F parts catalog after your post and went and looked at the tractor,no doubt...My next question is will I need the gasoline manifold and carburetor to make it run or use what is on it now and use gasoline. That is probably a stupid question,I'm sure the correct manifold and carb. would be the way to go.The guy I bought it from says he used the tractor on hay rides etc.I know people will tell you anything...I was almost positive this tractor was an A with a B nameplate on it.I bought it and got home and started looking for the motor number,it has a B motor number as you can see in the first post.This tractor didn't come with electrical start so the bell housing was changed to add a starter,according to the PO...Thanks John you have me headed in the right direction now!

Re: Motor serial number on a B

Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:37 pm

No need to change it, the original will be just fine. Our H was dual fuel, and it ran using the original manifold and carb till some of the guys on the forum found it at previous owners place and surprised me with it all painted up and back in running condition a few years ago. Only reason for changing the original was it had rusted out.

Not a very safe thing to do, but those drain petcocks were used to wash oil and grease off our hands for years.

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Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:58 am

John,I just read your last post.Me asking would it run on gas was a stupid question accrding to my son,but I was wanting to know just what you told me,if it would run with the same carb. and manifold...I cleaned up the carburetor,which was clogged up,and a rebuild kit will be here today.I removed the gas tank and it was stopped up at the sediment bowl.I removed the sediment bowl and got almost two gallons of old gas,mud and rust out of it.I then put a hand full of hex nuts in the tank and shook it,got more rust out.I then poured a half gallon of Evapor Rust into the tank ,after plugging the hole,put the cap on and shook the tank for a good while.I then poured the other half gallon into the tank and let it sit overnight.I plan to change the oil and filter today and put the carb together.I hope to have it running this weekend....On it being a wide front end everything I've read says they (IH )didn't make a wide front end. Rudi had told me that several months ago when I first looked at the tractor.I decided then to not buy the tractor.I ran into the PO a couple of weeks ago and he gave me a price I couldn't pass up.What I have found out is a tractor collector from Texas made several of these tractors and stated "this is the tractor that Farmall should have made."I'm going to take pictures and hope to learn how topost them on here. Thanks for your input!Rick

Re: Motor serial number on a B

Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:19 pm

Yeah, I think I have a picture on a calender or something. Better a wide C or SA front on a B than a C tricycle front on an A. That thing would fall over in a stiff breeze. Saw one like that at a sale, did not sell. This one of the times I had no camera with me.