Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:57 pm

I have a 1949 Farmall C that runs great and I used it to plow snow this winter. Last summer I noticed that I had condensation on the right side of the engine along the head gasket; middle cylinders. I'm not getting any coolant in the engine oil, but I'm worried that I may have a bad head gasket. Any thoughts ?
It sure is hard to decide which tractor I like the best; my Farmall C or the Farmall CUB ! They both are real handy tractors to have around!

Thanks !



Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:20 am

I ran my 1951 Super A for several years while it was producing a lot of condensation that would be expelled through the oil fill cap. When the engine began to loose power and run rough, I had a tractor mechanic examine it. We found it had a small crack in the head at one of the valves. Coolant would get into the combustion areas via this crack. The coolant leak was small and I thought the loss was from operating on uneven ground (going out the over flow tube). The tractor mechanic found the head/valve problems by loosening the spark plug connectors at the plugs and loosely setting them on the plug terminals. He would lift them, one at a time, and listen carefully to the engine to see if the engine missed more than when all the wires were in-place. This was very educational. I bet you have a crack like mine if your coolant is being used up.