Where to get Coal ???

Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:11 am

I have a small coal stove in my shop that belonged to my Grandfather. It heats really good but it is next to impossible to find "sack" coal anymore.
I picked up some Cincinnati whan I was in Erlanger, Ky last year but that will run out this year. Anybody have any ideas on where and how to get some coal?

Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:22 am

It might be a little harder to find in your area than it is around here but we can still find it. There is a feed mill / grain elevator near here that still stocks and sells coal in bulk. And we have some mines not too far away. There used to be a coal yard in Circleville but it closed about 5 years ago.
If you have any Amish near you, they might be able to tell you where they get theirs.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:35 am

Not many Amish around here. I hope to get up that way on a business trip after the first of the year. If I have any advance notice I'll give you or Ralph a call and see if I can find a local place to pickup some before I head back home.


Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:08 am

Big Dog has a good supply of coal, just got another stocking full on Sunday.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:25 am


You might also check with any blacksmiths/farriers in your area. Sometimes they use coal. It's ironic that I'm basically surrounded by coal up here and don't need it. You need it and can't find it! There's a section of railroad track near our farm in SW Pennsylvania that you could walk along and pick up enough that has fallen out of the cars to last the rest of your life!

Thu Dec 29, 2005 11:15 am

I have some that my dad used years ago in his furnance. He built his house in early or mid 50's. He has been gone for 4years now. Don't know if coal has a shelf life. We (sis & I) have about a pick up truck load I think. We live in central Indiana close to Indy.
Jeff 317 402 1370

Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:00 pm

Don, If I'm ever up your way I'll try to remember that.

Jeff, Road trip! Maybe on the way to or from Cubfest I could work it in? Have to see how it works out.

Jim, you might be on to something there,if everyone that got a lump of coal for Christmas sent it to me I'd be supplied!!!
(that would some expensive transport charges for coal!)

Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:07 pm

I should be lousy with coal if I got all I was promised through all of my Christmasses! You can still get coal around here I think. I would do an internet search

Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:30 pm

Anthrocite coal is still available in Baltimore. We heated with coal as a kid, my sister still digs it up were the coal bin used to be and uses it for emergency heat. It doesn't not have a shelf life.

My father used to pick it up at a coal yard just north of downtown Baltimore, right across from a big Cadillac dealership. He laughed about the rich folks going to the coal yard to pick up a new Cadillac. It was $12.50 for 2 tons (customer pickup) in 1968, no idea what it costs now.

There is a big new coal terminal in Baltimore next to the eastern entrance to the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. During the summer, water is sprayed on the huge piles to control dust. The US exports high sulfur coal to Asia, EPA doesn't want it burned here.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 4:02 pm

I am thinking of burning coal too. The best idea I have had is to find some local steam tractor guys and find out where they get theirs.


Thu Dec 29, 2005 7:49 pm

Thanks guys, I haven't had much luck with the internet search, but maybe I haven't found the right combo of words yet! I'll keep looking and try some of the ideas offered...Thanks

Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:25 pm

I'm thinking coal is a dirty, bulky, low tech item so it won't be too big on internet websites. Not much on eBay either: http://cgi.ebay.com/35-lbs-Pennsylvania-ANTHRACITE-PEA-COAL-Blacksmith_W0QQitemZ6238503408QQcategoryZ13869QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Check with local oil, kerosene or fuel oil dealers if they have any coal connections. Most steam engine guys here use wood/charcoal or soft coal to heat their machines. Coal ain't king no more.

Interesting article: http://www.aer-online.com/aer/ar-coalvoil.phtml

Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:44 pm

Cowboy wrote:I am thinking of burning coal too. The best idea I have had is to find some local steam tractor guys and find out where they get theirs.



The steam guys around here send a truck to a southern Ohio mine to bring back a load for their show. I wish they'd bring me a load... I don't have a real truck any more.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:00 pm

Went to an antique engien show in Pinkneyville, Il. several years aog where they were running several steamers on cola. by the time the day was over I had such a headach i couldn't see straight.

Fri Dec 30, 2005 7:41 am

The Anthrocite coal that Carl mentioned is the best for heating as it packs more BTU's. The softer coals don't burn as clean and completely as it does. The US ships most of the softer coals to Asia where clean air standards are not as tight as here, if any at all!