I think I have it now!

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I think I have it now!

Postby Denny Clayton » Sat Feb 15, 2003 11:50 am

Now I'll try to post. I was having trouble viewing messages (a blank screen 99% of the time). :cry: Have used Netscape Navigator as my favorite browser almost exclusively (mostly as a silent boycott to Bill Gate's monopoly :twisted: ). After trying this board on Internet Explorer everything is great :D .

Must be settings or "cookie" problems. Whatever it takes I'll do it to maintain this contact with "Cubbers".

Denny ('60 Lo-Boy)
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Denny Clayton
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Postby Rudi » Sat Feb 15, 2003 3:33 pm


Congratulations :D

Glad to have you aboard! I always have used both Netscape and IE, mostly because some sites are better suited to one and not the other.

I refuse to give up my Netscape 4.74 and will never upgrade to 6 or better. having my mail online irritates me and the fact that AOL now owns it irritates me a lot farther. Now with that said, mail program will always be Netscape! because, with Netscape it is sooooo easy to copy my mail file over to my data drive. Makes me happy 8) With MS Outlook, I tend to lose my email whenever the computer crashes and have to rebuild the whole thing. :(

IE 6 is very good especially for this board, and 4.74 is not current enough to support a lot of the Java applets that are in use now, and a lot of the functionality is lost for that reason.

Just glad to have you here!
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Team Cub
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Postby Tedd Ill » Sun Feb 16, 2003 10:45 am

This site is the only use my IE get used. I am a Netscape 4.74 fan too. We hava a custom netscape at work that works on this site. I use a Eudora E-mail program that has worked very well.

Glad to see every one getting on board, the "new" board. :D
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Tedd Ill
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