Fri Dec 29, 2006 11:02 pm

I just got an original cub cadet and was curious what snowblower fits? Now a dumb question ... if there is no electric pto, does it run all the time until clutch is pushed in or is there some kind of mechanical lever on snow blower to engage? Thankyou Jon

Sat Dec 30, 2006 8:19 am

According to my chart. the following snowthrowers would mount to a OCC:
BB-36, CW-36, & CC-36/42.

On the front of the motor, there was an option of a Mechanical PTO Clutch. This PTO clutch, would drive attached implements. This PTO clutch would be activated or deactivated by a Lever on the RH side of the control console.

Sat Dec 30, 2006 11:41 am

To my knowledge only the the BB-36 snow thrower will fit the Original without modification. It has a belt tightening clutch/idler built into the drive system that is engaged by a long rod/handle on the left side of the tractor that attaches to cross linkage at the front to activate the idler. It was built from 1961 to 63. There are two different front idler/plate assemblies used, depending on the serial number range.

The CW 36 was built from 1963 to 66 for models 70/100, and 71/122. and the CC36/42 was built from 1966-68 for the 71-122 and by then the 123. As Mr. Bedell said, they would require the optional front PTO clutch assembly that was operated by a lever on the right side of the tractor. A front PTO clutch became an option for the Original in 1963, mainly to provide a PTO clutch that would allow the mower decks designed for the 70/100 to be adapted to the Original.

I don't think the later snowthrower's will fit the Original (without modification) because of the difference in the frame widths of the Original and the later (70/100 and up) narrow frame tractors. Although the thrower mount assemblies and parts look similar, the part numbers are different for the same part between the different models. The parts manuals I have do not list parts to adapt the later thower's to the Original.

The snowthowers listed were all built by Danco (Danuser Machine Works, Inc., Tulsa, OK. There was also a Danuser Machine Company, Fulton, MO that builds tractor mounted diggers - post hole diggers) so it may be possible to mix and match parts from the different models to adapt them to the Original, but it would probably be easier to find a BB-36 thrower that was designed for the the Original, than to find the parts to adapt a later model.

Sat Dec 30, 2006 6:30 pm

a little something to add to Paul's good reply.
The BB-36 SB uses the 3/2 ratio gear box. The CW & C-36 use the 1/2 gear box. This requires the Original to use the small pulley that came with the blower on the crankshaft. I didn't find this out till this year and I own a BB-36 SB but never hooked it up. My small pulley was missing but I did find one. I have the the optional PTO on my Original and always thought I could use it with the SB but I would have to change the gear box to use that if there is enough room to get the belt hooked up.


Sat Dec 30, 2006 10:40 pm

Thankyou guys, I do appreciate all the Info! Jon