Arizona Mike's Mid Morning Spike

Tue May 15, 2007 5:48 pm

Ladies and gentlemen. Its mid day, your breakfast and morning shot of caffien are fading away fast. Don't drink a soda or anther cup a joe. No, instead mix up a tall glass of Arizona Mike's Mid Morning Spike. You will be better off. Enojyed by many many folks here in Arizona for years and years, it is a pleasure going down and will probably not upset your stomach.

What you need for this is as follows.

A large 3 to 4 qt. pitcher of COLD ice tea. I like Lipton instant with lemon. After you get the tea the way you like it, dump in two cans of frozen orange juice concentrate (just one of the large cans). Pour over ice or just straight. Drink it down.

Now, and this is very important, SET DOWN FOR 5 MINUTES. After 5 minutes you are free to resume your normal activities with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. You are now "spiked". Not responsible for unusually high energy and productivity. You will sleep better at night, enjoy a better sex life, and be more regular too. So, try some Arizona Mike's Mid Morning Spike the next time that guests stop by unexpectedly or as a treat for your granchildren. Arizona Mike's Mid Morning Spike may be served at CubFests and other special occasions as well!! There are no artificial ingredients and its safe to drink even if your are pregnant.