cub shift fork

Tue Jan 20, 2004 12:49 pm

Hello what is needed to be done to change the first -rev shift fork on a 1955 cub? :?

Tue Jan 20, 2004 12:57 pm

A 1/2" wrench

A small pair of vise-grips

A shirt pocket magnet

A good replacement fork

A new gasket for the shifter

A look at the archives


Tue Jan 20, 2004 2:22 pm

you might find when you remove the shift tower that the 'ears' that contact the shift lever ball have bent a little over time. this results in the transmission not coming out of a particular gear when the shifter is in neutral. i simply use a small vise grip to rebend the ears back to original shape.

lets see... then you only need the 1/2 wrench, gasket, and vise grip.
CaseIH gasket part # 351-546-R1

of course, a little finesse and less force on the shifter is a good idea. you can't force square cut gears to mesh.

shift fork

Tue Jan 20, 2004 4:27 pm

thanks for the info, we just got the tractor from the owner. seems the trans was damp when he put it in the below zero weather,it locked up .he must of pulled hard to this to the fork.just glad it did not break the shifter..

Tue Jan 20, 2004 4:47 pm

ah, that'll do it. transmission likely had ice in it.

Welcome to the board :!: George's thoughts on looking in the archives and checking out all the info on this board will be very helpful to you.

for water in the transmission, check out this thread from last month. ... ansmission