Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:55 pm

Well today was the day to put the pistons back in the '67.
I had planned on using the original rings as they were OK, but new rod bearings would be going on.

Of all 4 pistons, only 1 ring was "stuck", I could not budge it out of the groove. It had been soaking in the secret formula for a few days but still no go. Snap! it broke! It reallly was rusted in there, weird.

Next I broke a oil control ring. I was having pretty good luck with the ring spreader too.

I guess I'll be ordering a new set of rings Monday. Hope I don't break any of those. Boy those oil control rings sure are stiff. Nothing like the Hastings that I used on the '49. I want to stick with IH, but I can't afford to break any of the new ones.