H Radiator bolts.

Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:07 pm

How are the bottom bolts that hold the radiator on the H put in the rad.?---they look "made in" and both of them broke/rusted off and I have to replace the front end, so rad. and steering shaft has to come out of the other tractor. They have springs and rubber wads under the them too!---Once broken off, there is no way to hold the radiator down, and it would vibrate a hole in the bottom tank in no time! thanks; sonny

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Fri Apr 11, 2008 9:48 am

Those fasteners are studs. Half of the stud is threaded into the radiator, and the other half extends down through the mounting holes. If those studs are rusted away, or broken off, you will need to get whatever is left of them out of the radiator, and then install new studs. Normally I find the best way to rmove a broken stud is to weld a nut to the broken stud, and then just use a wrench and turn it out. In this case though, since the broken studs are in a radiator, I am afraid that the heat from the welding might damage the radiator. The only other way is to drill them out.

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:02 pm

Thats kinda what I was afraid of!!-----guess I didn't want to use the H anymore anyway!---At least it has a front end that will steer, --just no radiator! ---- thanks; sonny

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:05 pm

New radiators are available, although they are a bit pricey, and of course there are some very good used radiators out there if you look. Another option is to take the radiator to a repair shop and see if they can get those studs out. Probably wouldn't cost all that much. It would be a shame to let a good 'ol H just waste away for lack of a radiator.

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:41 pm

At this point the $$$ just isn't here for any other repairs, so looks like it will have to take up shed space like all the other units that I have that need fixing!
Our garden comes first, and I really would like to do some more work on my creeper for the garden! thanks; sonny

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:53 pm

I would try welding the nut on. Just be careful with the heat. It will work.

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:46 pm

The studs are broke off about 2 threads down into the rad itself, and I am afraid heat that close would do some unsoldering !----drilling them out would be "iffy", but still need to try something! thanks; sonny

Re: H Radiator bolts.

Fri May 02, 2008 3:36 pm

Gotta try something. If all else fails, take it to a rad shop and see what they can do.