Lamb twinning...6 weeks apart

Fri May 02, 2008 3:48 pm


Strangest thing happened this morning. I went out to the barn to feed the sheep and lambs and lo and behold there was a tiny newborn lamb. My sheep usually lamb around St Patricks's like clock work. I can always count on a couple lambs on that day. Well they all lambed out. I lost one who tried to lamb two weeks early and I couldn't get the lamb out, she was having trouble and both lamb and mother died. Well this morning one of the ewes who lambed 6 weeks earlier had another.
Anyone ever heard of sheep or goats twinning out 6 weeks apart??? Pretty strange. We sheared them all last weekend and I wish I was a little easier on her had I known she had one more coming. My sheep here in Dartmouth are Cheviots and my shearer says he rather handle a buck deer than a Cheviot...they put up a good fight when they are getting their "haircuts".