Replacement Mower Decks for a 782

Tue May 20, 2008 7:47 pm

The 50A mower deck on my Model 782 tractor has seen better days and I need to either make repairs or replace the deck. I would prefer to replace it with a larger deck but the 50A was the largest deck that this tractor was originally equipped with.

I checked the Cub Cadet replacement parts catalog and noticed that the 50A seems to be superseded by 50C (Service PN 359 - 50C 50" Mower Super Garden Tractor) and Service PN 359 - 50C 50" Mower Garden Tractor). Scrolling a bit farther down, I noticed that the 60" mower deck parts list is also listed (Service PN 374 - 60" Mower), which was equipped on the Super Garden Tractors.

The mounting system for the 60" deck seems to be very similar to that used for the 50A and 50C. Since the 50C was used on both the Garden Tractors and Super Garden Tractors, (assuming I can get a complete mower deck) would anyone know if the 60" mower deck would fit or could be made to fit relatively easily on a 782 tractor?

The only new 60" mower deck I've been able to find so far is the attachment (PN 190-291?) for the GT 3200 - 25HP garden tractor. It's shaft-driven so some custom fabrication would be involved.

Does anyone have any experience with other (preferably wider than 50") decks that can be adapted to work on a 782 tractor?

Re: Replacement Mower Decks for a 782

Wed May 21, 2008 5:07 am

This is the sub frame that goes with the 60" deck and you will need this mule drive
Try Ray Weaver 1-717-587-3727 who might have all the parts to put a 60" deck on your 782. I am sure he will have a 50" replacement deck. He sells used parts and knows what works and what don't. Sometimes they have SN's listed and you can figure out what the decks fit. I think the 60" deck was made by Hyban.