Bad lunch

Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:07 pm

Wow did I get a shock at lunch!
Betty and I were shelling some dried beans this morning and she ask me what I wanted for lunch.
It was about eleven thirty so I told her we should just have something quick as we were working.
She fixed some French fries and I grilled a hamburger.
She made me a cheeseburger and put a big slice of our garden tomato.
It was good and I was grubbing down. :) :) All at once, I guess I had a French fry that was a little hard, I bit down and I felt something pop and a sudden pain.
You have probably already guessed, yes I broke half of my tooth off down in my gums.
As we haven't lived here long I haven't been to a dentist for about two years and I don't have one here.
I called three dentists and finally found one who would see me. The dentist looked at the tooth and said well I have some bad news I can't pull the tooth you will have to go to a dental surgeon as the roots were around the sinus cannel. He gave me four names of surgeons. I called the first three and one said It would be a week before I could see him the other two said two weeks and the fourth said the last week of September do you want to make an appointment. I said my tooth is hurting and half of it is gone. He said I'm sorry but that is as soon as I can see you. By this time my fuse was very short. I said if I can wait for five weeks I can wait until I die and hung up the phone. :big angry: :big angry:
Finally the fifth dental surgeon said he would see me in the morning at 9:45. I sure will be glad to get this tooth out. I am taking a pain pill every six hours to help relive some of the pain.
Man I thought someone with half a tooth gone and you are hurting would be classed as an emergency but not with these ding bats. :evil: :evil:
Maybe I'm just over reacting but a tooth ache isn't very nice to handle.
This is enough venting so I will shut up for now.


Re: Bad lunch

Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:26 pm

Teeth can be big time hurt. I don't think you over reacted. Bad teeth can be big time bad. We are lucky the dentist is in the family on Bevs side. We are so old that Bev was to his mother and fathers wedding. Bev's brother mentioned to Danny one Sunday afternoon that I had a tooth ache. I was holding off till Monday office hours to call. Danny called me shortly after and said meet me at the office in half an hour. I had an abscessed tooth. He drilled it, did a root canal and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. That tooth is supporting a bridge and I couldn't afford to loose it.

Re: Bad lunch

Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:58 pm

Been there, done that. Believe me, you are not over reacting :!: :!:

My dentist keeps some time open every day just for emergencies - established or new patient. That is one of the things we like about him. :D

Re: Bad lunch update

Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:54 am

Well went to the oral surgeon. The roots on the tooth were around the sinus canal. He had to repair the cannel and of course stitches. It took him a total of about twenty-five minutes counting numbing and all the time I spent in the room. He charged $665.00 which is about $26.00 per minute. This is the first oral surgery I have had just had some teeth pulled before, but isn't this a little steep. :big give up:
Upsetting the sinus canal of course did a number. I ended up with an ear ache and swim head something like you get with a migraine wow was I ever sick for the next day and a half. Finally got my balance back this morning and feel pretty fair.

Re: Bad lunch

Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:47 am

Jim - I'm glad that things are improving for you. Unfortunately, oral surgeons do charge a high fee but when I see the advancements they have made in saving teeth and in dental health it does explain some of costs. Staffing a dental office and equipping it properly is not cheap. It would just feel better if it didn't seem like we were footing the bill entirely by ourselves! :D