Northern tool MIG 135 review

Mon May 25, 2009 12:37 am


Ok.. so I finally got a chance to use my mig and I got to say it as Borat would… niiiiice. I had a lot of fun playing around with the voltage and wire feed rate to see what worked best for the metal I was working on. It was also nice to see how the bead changed due to adjusting these two variants.
I took all the welds I made and put them in a vice and started to beat them profusely with a hammer to see if they would hold. To my surprise even my crap welds brought on by inexperience seem to make the cut and held there bond. I did not have any gas to try it with the non flux core wire but I feel pretty sure that there welds would be as least as good if not better. Also one more thing, whoever said that using Pam cooking spray as a anti splatter for your tips was a smart man. I am more than ¾ of the way through on my 10lb real of flux core wire and my welding tip looks just as clean after I wipe it as it did brand new. I had a lot of fun with this tool which you will see is pretty much indicative of the reviews on northern tool web site.
I would highly recommend this to any one as their first mig welder and I would buy it again. I have a few projects on my list that I will hopefully soon start after I get my root cellar in and purchase some metal to work with, because we all need something else to spend our money on.