cub cadet 3205 leaking trans axel

Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:01 pm

HI Guys. I have a model 3205 cub cadet that is only 3 to 4 years old. It has less then 800 hours on it. It is a great running machine and is a delight to cut the lawn with but i am having a leakage probelm in the trans axel. The trans axel is leaking hydraulic fluid all over the place. I have taken it apart and replace the gaskets but the way this idiotic trans axel is made it is impossible to stop the leaking. i talked to a cub cadet dealer and was told that there was a recall on the model 3205 for the terrible leaking trans axel. the mechanic told me that cub cadet replace the whole trans axel with the better cast iron one to solve the problem. The dealer also was unwilling to fix the problem because I didnt buy it from them. so my question is would any of your experts on the new cub cadets know if it is a fact that they were recalled . if so then how do i get ahold of the cub cadet co. to inform them of the problem and hopefully get it fixed? Ibought this machine second hand real cheap. now i know why!! thanks guys!

Re: cub cadet 3205 leaking trans axel

Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:14 pm

I have not heard about any recall on those transmissions, however I have repaired several of them. The factory replacement gasket set is substantially better than the original set. In addition, most people, including dealers, who repair this rear end do NOT replace the bearing blocks, however every one that I have opened up are leaking at the bearing blocks allowing oil to go into the outer axle tubes where it is not supposed to be. The Cub Cadet recommended repair includes replacing the bearing blocks, but it is quite labor intensive, and it is easy to just open the rear case and replace the rear seal. If you tear in to it, spray everything down with carburetor or brake cleaner until there is no oil remaining, then put it back together correctly, with new bearing blocks and seals and permatex, it will not leak again.


Re: cub cadet 3205 leaking trans axel

Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:45 pm

Bill, thanks for the quick response. I did check the nearest dealer for the replacment gaskets. They didnt look any better than what was on it. when I tore it down the first time the axel housings were dry. it was leaking right out the bottom between the plate and cover gaskets. I will do as you said. I am a pretty fare mechanic. I have been restoring farmall cubs and early cub cadets for over 35 years. The 3205 trans axel looks to me to be a real cheap unit. I really like the tractor as a unit. well built except for the rear leaking problems. Thanks again