Firing Order ???

Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:04 pm

Over the last couple years, I thought I had it down pat and understood the relationship between the rotor cap sequencing and the spark plugs in the firing order circuit. Appears that I didn't. Had lots of difficulty after getting Ellie's head problems fixed in being able to get Ellie timed right. Over and over and over.. til I beat that horse to death. Thankfully BD and Cecil had lots of patience explaining this stuff to me.. even though I was not getting it. I am a visual learner when it comes to some things, so this I was just not getting.

Then Cecil decided to start over from scratch with me on the phone one afternoon. He asked me to put on one of the spark plug testers that I have (got at his urging) at my favourite Princess Auto store :!: He was going to walk me through finding where my problem was in the firing order, cause I kept mucking that up.


These are great to check if you have spark at the coil itself, or spark to the coil tower on the cap, or each of the towers on the cap or at the spark plugs. Only problem is that you do it one at a time.

I also had this other set which I had picked up at Princess casue they came 4 to a package and for some reason I thought that they might be useful at some point... little did I know :shock: :? :D


So here is the demonstration, hope it makes sense. It did to me.. but then again, I didn't quite get the tower sequencing thing either :big shy:

Unfortunately these interesting little tools are NLA at Princess Auto, as the buyers for some reason decided to no longer purchase them - lack of sales they said. Funny, cause there isn't one to be found in Canada anywhere, they were all sold out :big say what: .. no that can't be can it :lol: