Governor's in Maine

Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:00 pm

Em and I were on an acquisition trip to the southern part of Maine. We met up with Jeff and Vonla (Jeff M) at a little homestyle restaurant (a local Maine chain) where we stopped for lunch in Old Town Maine. Good friends and a good lunch make for a great day :!:

First thing I noticed when we walked in the door was this really cool suspended O Scale train set 8) :!: I like model trains, always have (I have a whack of HO scale stuff that I wanted to do something similar with in the Cub Cave :wink: ) They had a pair of trains -- separated by a pretty fair spacing and on a timer. There was always one of em running past our table every few minutes :D

The second thing I noticed on the way in -- the dessert cabinet :big say what: unless you are a diabetic :big give up: The dessert cabinet should have been the main menu cabinet cause they were not only scrumptious looking but were also very aromatically pleasing. Enough to get a diabetic off the diet.... :roll:

The third thing I noticed was the folks... Mainers are so much like folks here in New Brunswick... well should be.. pretty much related especially in the border communities. The wait staff was exceptional, and I do mean exceptional. Attentive, funny, folksy, friendly and quick with recommendations.

The food is definitley home style, freshly made including the bread/buns and other bakery delight. I chose the Mozza/Mushroom Burger upgraded to homemade Onion Rings, Em got the Cheeze Burger with home made Sweet Potato fries, Vonla ordered the Seafood Sandwich with the seafood chowder side and Jeff.. like had the Cheese Burger I think. It was all very appetizing looking and the taste did not disappoint. The food was amazing -- awesome. My Mozza/Mushroom burger was simply to die for.. great lunch.

If you are in the Old Town area, this is the place to stop for lunch. Absolutely great food, great folks and great atmosphere. One of the best meals we have had in the US while travelling.. gotta go back again. I think we found ourselves a must stop when we travel through the state. Course the company at lunch really made the experience :-:-): Jeff says that there are a number of Governor's Restaurants in Maine, and if you run by one, be sure to stop in :{_}: :!: :D