Winter Projects planned "youth rifles"

Mon Nov 01, 2010 4:20 pm

After getting a step grandson (12yo) and having a new 6 month old grandson i been planning on building some youth rifles. I been thinking of using the 7mm mauser action(south american) and the swedish 6,5mm mauser for my builds. I'm thinking of shortening the 6,5mm barrel to 17" or 18" and the 7mm mauser barrel to 18" or 20". Then rework the stocks to match the actions. As the kids get older these will be nice, low recoil youth rifles.

I just purchased a 1890 winchester 22cal pump and a 1906 remington pump for them too. I already have a husqvarna single shot bolt action for them too. Now i want to get a lever action 22cal too so they can learn how to operate and shoot every kind of action. I been seeing these older pumps around $750 to $1,200 too but i found a few at under $500. I really didn't want to drop that much $$ right now but grandpa's old pump rifle has been haunting me bad because i always wanted one.

I'm planning ahead now incase i pass on, they will be all set. I'm thinking about setting up a trust fund for there dirtbikes too. The baby already has an electric dirtbike that my son is fixing right now. He'll be riding by 3 or 4 yo.

Re: Winter Projects planned "youth rifles"

Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:06 pm

My gun parts and tools are arriving to build these small ring youth rifles and change the barrels out to shorter ones. I purchased a receiver removal socket and now i need to fab a barrel clamp. I just received a used small ring 7mm mauser barrel thats 21 3/4" long. Which i need to shorten it to 17" for one of my swede m94 elsalvador 7mm builds. This was a converted swedish m94 carbine in 6,5mm swede into 7mm mauser for elsalvador. Most of these orginal ones that are still around have bad bores and the cost is really high. I figure i can build one at under half the cost. I'm not looking to build fakes i just want one for a shooter. I want to play with these shorter carbines too. Bill