184 Broken Ignition Key - Solution

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184 Broken Ignition Key - Solution

Postby b52c130 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:53 pm

To those of you that have a 184;
Many of you know about the broken ignition key problem from first hand experience. Those of you that have a 154 or 185 don't experience the same problem because the ignition key is housed in a nice 'recess' in the dash tower. While the 184 generally had many refinements or improvements over the 154 and 185 - the ignition switch placement was NOT one of them. The International 'bean counters' must have made their own improvements because the recessed cup that houses the ignition switch on the 154 and 185 disappeared on the 184 leaving the ignition key to stick out unprotected - right about where your work boot swings over the tunnel cover when you get on and off of the tractor. Guess what - work boot verses ignition key = broken key.

There is a fairly simple solution - a military style ignition switch. (The military does not use keys [except for in the nuclear silos] - gee the last guy using this Humvee didn't leave the ignition key hidden under the floor mat and the bad guys are shooting at me).

Cole Hersee Military Style Ignition Switch #95634 works very well. You can find them at vicsdc.com for about $14.00 plus shipping. You have to file the 'flat spot' in the ignition switch hole in the dash tower to make the hole entirely round. You also have to either cut off the current ignition harness molded connector and replace with simple ring end wire connectors OR make three 6" jumper connector wires with a male 1/4" spade end on one end and a ring end on the other end if you want to keep the original harness connector intact. All of this can be done by removing the cover plate that covers the electric PTO clutch on the left side of the tractor.

Of course, this switch, while a lot less likely to break off verses an ordinary key does leave the tractor in a position where anyone can start it, including small children. Each of you must weigh their own situation as to the benefits and hazards of having a 'key-less' ignition switch.

Some pictures of before and after are attached. - NJDale
Original 184 Ignition Switch - Small.jpg
Original Unprotected 184 Ignition Switch
Original 184 Ignition Switch - Small.jpg (35.45 KiB) Viewed 574 times
Military Style Lever Ignition Switch - Small.jpg
Military Style Lever Ignition Switch
Military Style Lever Ignition Switch - Small.jpg (30.51 KiB) Viewed 574 times

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Re: 184 Broken Ignition Key - Solution

Postby Landreo » Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:11 am

Looks nice. I always hated having to bend and look for the key slot on my 154/185. I always wanted it to be flush like on the 184. I need to rethink that wish.
Saturn surplus has HUMVEE switches but they are around $50. Your solution looks better.

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