Woods belt squealing

Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:49 pm

The belt on my 59" Woods mower started squealing on the spindles of my Lo Boy. (spindles run free and blades sharp) Tried tightening with no change. Bought new belt and installed and adjusted according to the book. Still slips on not very heavy cutting. Tightened belt again as book says, till you could play tune on them with no improvement. Tried belt dressing with only short term improvement. It appears the the back of the deck is running to low, but it is in the highest position on the rear mounts. Lowering the gauge wheels to level it makes it slip even more.
Anyone else ever hit this problem and solve it??

Re: Woods belt squealing

Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:29 pm

I would remove the belt, pull on the spindle pulleys in the direction the belt would be pulling, the spindles may turn freely with no tension but may bind with the pressure of the belt. The bearings may be bad. Do the same with the idler pulleys. With the belt on super tight you should still be able to easily rotate the PTO pulley and easily turn the mower pulleys. Either the belt is the wrong width, should be a "B" series or 5/8 inch wide, or too loose, or something is binding. The engine should stall long before the belt slips. The belt should be alot tighter than you would think possible. I loosen one idler pulley bolt slightly so the pulley will go down and tighten the belt but not so loose it will move upwards, it will jam first. I then hit the head of the bolt with a hammer which forces the pulley downward and tightens the belt. If the bolt is just the right tightness then the pulley will not loosen. Keep doing that until the belt is tight. Then tighten the idler pulley bolt.

Re: Woods belt squealing

Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:22 pm

Double check the belts are installed to book _WITH THE TWISTS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Also, make sure it is not the PTO twin drive belts or PTO Unit slipping.
Good Luck