IH 1000 Loader Boom Pole

Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:34 pm

I finally finished the boom pole for my loader.

I used the existing pin the bucket pivots on...
Found some pipe the pin would fit thru...welded 2 pieces into a "T".
I had considered adding some gussets at the intersection...Will test it a bit and then decide.
They can easily be added afterwards.

Added a couple chain links to mount hooks from.

Was going to weld a pair of ears onto the pipe to form a shackle for the bucket cylinder...
but found an old wheel caster bracket...almost the perfect dimensions...
Bolted it on with a couple muffler clamps...
will probably weld it in place after testing its location on the pipe for awhile.

All it needs now is some paint.

You may want to cap the end of your pipe to keep it from filling up with water.

This works a lot nicer than lifting with the bucket...
Can lift slightly more weight since you're not lifting the bucket weight...
The visibility while lifting is much better...
And if I attach a chain to each hook, I can tilt the load using the bucket cylinder.

Already tested it by moving the Cub power unit into the garage to start working on it.

Here are the dimensions:

WARNING: I made this project to fit my needs. Please be careful when designing/building your own. Safety should always be our first concern.