Found Woods Mower manuals not on the server

Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:58 pm

I just checked Rudi's list of Woods Manuals at ---> ... index.html
and I think I just might have some that are not there at this time. Here is what I found:

Owners Manual and Parts list,
42CL-3 (form no. 4057 rev 2-58). Belly mount.
42F-3 and FL-3 (form no. 4065 rev 4-1-58 ). Rear mount.
42 CL-4 and CLF-4 ( form no. 4085 rev 4-58). Belly mount.

Also I have, but are listed on the server:
B42F & FL ( form 4840 rev 2-64) Rear mount.
42C-4 ( form 4163 rev 3-61) Belly mount. The one on the server is rev 12-1974

Note: It looks like C=Cub, F=Fast Hitch, L=Lowboy. Some belly mount mowers can use a drawbar conversion kit to mount it on the rear.
Hope this helps.

Need a scan? PM me.
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