finally found that part i have been looking for

Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:38 am

a while ago i bought a NOS 48" deck pan for my cub cadet 147. when i finally got the deck pan i realized that the pan was a later revision of the same deck. the cast iron nose wouldnt fit, i finally got the piece i had been looking for. i had a hard time finding this item. the piece that i had was IH-489356-R2 and i needed IH-489356-R3. when i started putting this deck together i could not figure out WHY the nose wouldnt fit. i went on the internet and discovered that i needed i different piece. i gave up on it for a while and the deck has sat in my garage un-used. today i was looking on ebay and i thought i would give it a shot. there was an item on there with the matching part number, i just hope it is exactly what this deck needs. i think this style of nose is somewhat rare because all of the nose pieces i have found while looking were the other style, the style that i already have. sometimes if you wait long enough the right item just about falls into your lap. now next year i will be able to mow with a new deck on my 147. i have my farmall cub for the large areas and soon enough my cub cadet for the small areas, now only to find a mule drive for a 60" danco mower for a farmall cub

Re: finally found that part i have been looking for

Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:07 am

Whats wrong with the nose piece it came with??