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Jack fowler
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Postby Jack fowler » Sat Dec 03, 2005 10:59 am

This is one part of the Forum I never had time to read. Since I stopped traveling so much and I’m home more, I’m catching up on my reading.

This post caught my eye because it’s a “thorn in my be-hind”.( (People to respect other's rights)

I guess this post made me feel better because now I know other people have the same problem’s I do.

The area were I grew up the neighbors needed each other. Anytime anyone would go hunting, fishing ECT. on someone’s property they would ask permission first and always respect the land owner’s property when on it. Even when my Dad retired and moved to a new location (Missouri, Ozarks) he got the same respect.

In the area were I live it’s a different story. I have had issues as described in every post above. I tried to be nice and “turn the other cheek” to talk and reason but, everyone took it as a weakness’.

I even had a neighbor tell me I should turn my back when someone drives their truck /ATV through my field because they’re “sowing a few wild oats” “you know how it was when you were young”. They also gave me a warning if I tried to punish them for the damage they inflicted on my property, they have friends and family that could make it very hard on me. After complete dismay about what I just heard, my reply was “A few years ago when in the Army, being Platoon Sargeant in a so called war zone I faced much more conflicting issues than this and made it through it. If anyone wants to threaten me or my family for any reason they will have to deal with my actions”

A few weeks later 2:00 AM on a Saturday morning, some drunken High School people decided to try their luck in front of my house, which is on a private road. They started blowing their horn, revving their engine up and so on. I was awakened by all the noise and was furious. I jumped out of bed, dressed in dark clothing (I did this all in the dark) and slipped out of the house via a back door. I walked the tree line (so no one could see me) for about a quarter of a mile. I had about 100 feet of open before I could get to the drunken High School people and decided to take a chance. They were so drunk they had no idea what was going on. I tapped on their window and told them to leave or I would call the Sheriff and someone on the passenger side decided to get out at which time I opened the drivers door and pointed a 30 / 30 at the driver and said tell your friend to get back in and leave now. I got an apology from the driver and they left. When I got back in the house I got it “with both barrels” from my wife for the stupid act I just performed.

This next day about (6:00 AM) which was a Sunday, I got a phone call from one of the drunken “punks” father saying “he called the Sheriff and was pressing charges for me pointing a weapon at his son”. My reply was “call”, the Sheriff and I was pressing charges for trespassing and misconduct on my property.

To make a long story short,by the time this was over I came out the loser. I know I should have called the Sheriff on the drunken “punks” but I let my temper get the best of me. A couple good things came out of this which was; word got around I was one of those “deranged ex Vietnam Veterans” and no one bothered me anymore.

About a year later, the neighbors teenage daughter (at home by herself) came running to my house and said “someone was breaking in the basement”. I told her to stay and call the Sheriff. I grabbed my weapon and was going to stand in front of the house (at a distance) until the Sheriff got there. I heard a crash in the house so I decided to go around the back to see who and what was going on. While going to back of the house I noticed the door from the garage to the kitchen of the house open so I stood on the driveway in front of the garage with my weapon pointed at the door. The Sheriff’s department arrived and went into the house and found an opossum got into the basement somehow. By this time a few neighbors were gathered at a distance away and thought the “deranged ex Vietnam Veteran” went off his rocker again. It was found out later the teenage daughter left the garage door open when she ran to my house.

Needless to say “the luck of the Irish” My wife, the neighbor (who’s house was supposedly being burglarized) all came home to see me standing there with my “pea shooter” by the Sheriff.

Nothing came of it, except maybe one good thing to my benefit. My name has changed from “deranged ex Vietnam Veteran” to a “bomb about to explode”.

Now a few years later, a couple of times a four wheeler and a truck ran off the road and came close to my corn field. I think it’s the new “punk” down the road which “mommy and daddy” bought him a new four wheel drive truck and an ATV to go with it. I tried to stop him and give him a warning, but he won’t stop and talk to me.

I have other stories about hunters, right-of-ways and so on. Some I have solved with “talking it out” and some with plan hard negotiations. All I can say is if you’re in the right “keep fighting” you have your rights also.
An old Ozark farmer told me once “it’s a great life if you don’t weaken”

I will guarantee one thing to my last breath, my son’s will show respect to other people and especially to their elders.

Jack Fowler
I’m really good at doing nothing…With that said…I’m really, really good at doing nothing

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Postby JBall8019 » Sat Dec 03, 2005 3:03 pm

I simply cannot understand the lack of respect that kids and ESPECIALLY thier parents have for other peoples' land. last week i went over to a house that had a bunch of kids with 4 wheelers and told thier parents if their kids didnt quit going into my property, i was going to call not only the police but also children services. I asked them how they minded if i took my 4x4 atv (ford explorer) through thier little garden or yard whenever i wanted. That got thier attention. Jack it doesnt matter too much what those jackasses think of you, I am glad there are peolple out there that will stand up for themselves.
ps i love to vent on this topic !

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Postby beaconlight » Sat Dec 03, 2005 4:21 pm

I understand Jacks frustration but JBall8019 had a very interesting solution offer them what they give.


"Life's tough.It's even tougher if you're stupid."
- John Wayne

" We hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."
- Aesop

Dave (69 lo-boy)
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Postby Dave (69 lo-boy) » Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:31 pm

The shotgun on a string approach is definately way too much, but one of those dye packs that the banks use in case of a robbery would be fun!

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