Repower for 1978 184

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Re: Repower for 1978 184

Postby SONNY » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:24 am

Re-do the 184 engine!!! UNLESS ya just want to kill time,money, --AND destroy a perfectly good mower making it unusable and worthless!---Trust us , you will not be happy with the outcome! thanks; sonny

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Re: Repower for 1978 184

Postby outdoors4evr » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:09 am

You will find that after a rebuild of the C-60, there won't be any more stalling when engaging implements. Ok, so you can overwork the 184 by asking it to do field mowing with a finish mower deck, and you can stall it while roto-tilling deep in clay soil and dig up an 8" rock. But I haven't found many situations where the 184 won't do what is reasonably asked on a fresh engine.
I definitely want to see a thread on whatever you choose to do with your 184.
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Re: Repower for 1978 184

Postby mozer71 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:26 am

I agree completely. The four cylinder, four stroke C60 has more a continuous torque curve at lower rpm than any 2 cylinder. There would be a "creeper" type gearing immediately to run the engine at nominal hp. Being unfamiliar with the 3 cylinder diesels, they must have a way. I see there are planetary units all around the Kubotas but they are specific replacements.

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Re: Repower for 1978 184

Postby mbalsup » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:57 pm

Thought I would post an update regarding my progress on the 184 restoration and Yanmar swap. First off, I got waylaid when an acquaintance suddenly asked me to purchase his 184. Wasn't much of a struggle because my wife said "NO". Anyway, I got it steered to a fellow collector which I knew was looking for a 184 to complement his turbo diesel Mitsubishi 185. Tractor with a Wheel Horse blade was purchased for $900. He promptly yanked the C60 and started a 3-cyl. liquid-cooled Kubota swap. Tired "complete" C60 is for sale!

November 26, 2018
I thought I would introduce my donor Yanmar 3TN72UJ (3009) three cylinder, liquid - cooled diesel engine. Since it was extricated from a John Deere F935 it is called a John Deere 220 Series Diesel Engine. (Insert picture here). Also, I found the only gasket in the entire engine was the head gasket. Everything else was sealed with red RTV. Chinese complete gasket set plus shipping - $120

John Deere specs this engine as 22hp at 3,600RPM. It is naturally aspirated, indirect injection. According to the F935 serial number this is a 1995 engine. It is also designated as a "early" 3TNU72. The tractor's hour meter show 1,866.1 hours. It is filthy dirty and has had little care/service. Belonged to a pig farm conglomerate who is widely known for never servicing any of their equipment.

Since I'm retired and for financial reasons I need to break my engine rebuild into to pieces, the head and then the block.

Here is the target tractor. IH184 Lowboy serial #2000116U047826. shows this serial number as a 1978 model, C60 gasoline engine rated at 18.5HP, liquid - cooled, gear transmission with Creeper.

Kenneth Updike's book Farmall Cub & Cub Cadet, Motorbooks, 2002 gives an IH list price new, of $5,650 which I find really suspect.

At this point the Yanmar head has been removed and is currently at the machine shop for cleaning, magnaflux examination, surfacing, if required and valve, seat and guide R&R.

Tractor sheetmetal, wiring, fluid removal and front end have been disassembled and are awaiting restoration. In the next week or so I will remove the tired C60 motor.

As far as required modifications - the only obvious ones, so far, are a new mounting plate and location for the hydraulic pump and modification/machining of the Yanmar flywheel to adapt it to the original IH clutch and pressure plate. And, maybe machine the Yanmar crank face to accept a Chevy small block needle bearing pilot bearing.

Head has been returned from the machine shop. Magnafluxed ok.They had to surface the head, grind the valves and seats and replace the valve seals. Cost me $375 for the machining and labor. Also, the block has been returned after boring the cylinders .25 mm and polishing the crank and rod journals. Machining and labor - @300. Trip to John Deere for the oversize pistons and rings, wrist pins and locks, standard crank bearings and standard rod bearings - $325.

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