53 Cub Restoration Questions

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53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby 3mty1 » Fri Aug 21, 2020 9:48 am

Hello everyone! New to the forum here and have a couple of questions. My father recently gave me his 53 Cub. It runs and everything seems to work fine. I wanted to shoot some paint to it, but as all to often happens to me, I want to do a tear down and rebuild correctly. Here’s my problem: I’d like to find a good manual to go by, and some kind of gasket/seal kit for this gem. It appears that oil/grease/fluids are leaking from every place possible lol. If I’m going to spend any amount of time sanding and painting this thing, I may as well replace all the myriad seals and put some new oil/fluid/etc. I’m surprised how small this tractor is. It fit on a lawn mower trailer lol. I did this years ago on a 80’s model Chevy pickup truck, and the cost of that project got out of hand quickly. So while I don’t want to cheap out on this, I’d like to have some sort of manual or guide so that I could look at each project individually and do it one part/system at a time and do it correctly the first time. It’s always amazed me that everyone says they don’t have the time or money to do things right, but somehow they find the time and money to do the job 2,3, or 4 times after they mess it up first lol. Any tips appreciated, and I apologize if these questions have already been asked before. Thank you!

Bob McCarty
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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby Bob McCarty » Fri Aug 21, 2020 10:45 am

Welcome to the Forum. After your second post you have access to the manuals here. Click on "quick links", upper left of the page, then on "PDF Manuals", then on "Farmall Cub". You'll find owner's manuals, service and parts manuals there for the tractor and implements. Also browse through the "how to" subforum. There is a lot of good info there also. Feel free to ask questions anytime.
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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby Eugene » Fri Aug 21, 2020 11:14 am


Very last restoration issue is the paint. Operate the tractor for a while. Some issue can be easily resolved, others not so easy. Tackle/work on only one issue at a time.

I would start with 100% tune up, including compression tests and oil change.
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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby 3mty1 » Fri Aug 21, 2020 12:42 pm

Thanks for the tips! Yeah that’s why I haven’t don’t the paint yet. Makes no sense to paint when it’s leaking like the Exxon Valdese lol

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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby ajhbike » Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:31 pm

I tackled issues based on fluid flow...more than a couple of drips a day got first attention, and so on. Enjoy using it if you can as you get at the issues.

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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby Glen » Fri Aug 21, 2020 6:40 pm

The Cub operator's manual can help you learn about maintenance that the Cub needs.

Below is the 1955 Cub operator's manual. The experts on here recommend people read it. It has lots of info about operation, maintenance, and lubrication. There is a table of contents on page 1.
It shows how Cubs originally looked in it. The lube section begins on page 14.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... index.html

They have said on here that IH didn't make a new manual every year.
This manual shows the electrical system that a 1953 Cub originally had.
Cubs made before mid 1964 originally had 6 volt, positive ground electrical systems.

The Touch Control fluid mentioned in the manual was changed later to Case IH Hy-Tran fluid. It is sold at Case IH dealers.

I would check or change all the oils before using the Cub. Using it with low oil in a gear housing can damage the parts in the housing.
There are 3 separate gear housings, with 3 separate oil levels to check, in the rear area of a Cub, the transmission, and 2 final drives.

The transmissions in Cubs commonly get water in them, from rain, or condensation inside the housing over time.

There is a 1952 Cub operator's manual at Quick links, then click PDF files, at the top left of the page, if you would rather have that.

Some of the leaks on your Cub might be from bolts that need tightening, and the gaskets are still ok.
Engine oil pan bolts, and the final drive pan bolts can need retightening.
Don't tighten them too hard, the pans can bend where the bolts are.

Dirt and grease buildup on Cubs can happen over time. It can take years of use to get thick dirt and grease buildup. It can happen a little at a time, from gaskets seeping, so the gaskets are not leaking much, it just took years to get a thick buildup.
Clean the dirt and grease off, and use the Cub some, and see if anything leaks. It may not be leaking enough to bother with replacing gaskets.

Below is the Cub and LoBoy service manual. It has info about rebuilding engines, transmissions, etc.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... index.html

TM Tractor at the bottom of the page has lots of Cub parts. Most parts there are individual. :)
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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby Fordman » Fri Aug 21, 2020 6:41 pm

Good luck on the cost not getting away from you. Finished my 52 fcub in the spring and my gosh... I would hate to sit down and add up the cost! But, I have exactly what I wanted, so I guess that counts for something.

Gary Dotson
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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby Gary Dotson » Sat Aug 22, 2020 7:02 am

My policy is to purchase parts and material a little at a time and absolutely NEVER keep track of the cost.

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Re: 53 Cub Restoration Questions

Postby ntrenn » Sat Aug 22, 2020 6:01 pm

I’m with gary. Never, never add up what you spend. If you do stem to stern complete rebuild, you could spend 5 grand to end up with a $2000 tractor. Seals and gaskets can be cheap, but very time consuming. For example, the diff seals are less than $20, but it takes about 4 hours to change them. Then the mission creep sets in...do the brake bands and the brake rods since you are there anyway. $50 for bands...$50 for rods because yours are cobbled together crap from the PO. Then since you have the finals off...new oil in the finals...$20 for gaskets....you get the idea.. Once you get through the mechanical stuff, then think about paint. I have a beat to he!! 65 Loboy that the PO abused like no other, but after the me mechanical fixes, it’s my prime mowing tractor. Still has the factory paint on all but the hood and fenders.

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