Changing Oil Bath Filter Oil Cup

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Changing Oil Bath Filter Oil Cup

Postby Mike in Louisiana » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:39 am

While letting my 14 Year old grandson Zack Morris change the oil in the Cub, I also had him clean and replace the oil in the Oil Bath Filter Oil Cup. As you know they are a pretty good fit at the bottom after the spring clip is moved over to the side they are some times hard to remove. I just let him try his way until he gave up on his own and said PAPA I can't get it off.

Then I showed him how I do it.


Just take the Oil Bath Filter Cap off the top of the Assembly, slide the Spring Clip holding the Cup to the front or back,which ever gives you the most clearance. Then take a long screw driver put it through the hole,

and simply bump the bottom of the Cup from the inside with one hand under the the Cup to catch it.

After cleaning the cup replace oil up to the full line with what ever oil you use in the tractor.
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